Staff & Moderator

Dr. Larry Riddle, Director of Missions

Dr. Larry Riddle

Director of Missions

Vickey Weathers

Administrative Assistant

Rev. Phillip Morris


Leadership Team

Ray Clevenger


Steven Bentley

Sunday School Team Leader

Rev. Bill Brown

Discipleship Team Leader

Marc Riddle

Brotherhood / Men's Ministry

Rev. Philip Morris

Deacon Ministry Team Leader

Rev. Tom Glander

Director of Continuing Education

Cindy Lovvorn

WMU / Women's Ministry

Rev. George Robinson

Evangelism Team Leader

Rev. Chris Jackson

Stewardship Team Leader

Bruce Wright

Finance Team Leader

Tracy Lovvorn

Disaster Relief Team Leader

Sandra Kent

Senior Adult Ministry

"Young at Heart"

Team Leader

Chase Burdette

Youth Ministry Team Leader

Beth Jackson

VBS Team Leader

Sonja Adams

Scholarship Team Leader

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 Director of Missions    Dr. Larry Riddle
Admin. Assistant    Vickey Weathers
Clerk / Treasurer    Vickey Weathers
Sunday School    Steven Bentley
Discipleship    Bill Brown
Moderator / Deacon Min.    Philip Morris
Brohood / Men's Min.   Marc Riddle
WMU / Women's Min.   Cindy Lovvorn

Stewardship   Chris Jackson
Finance Chairman  Bruce Wright
Disaster Relief  Tracy Lovvorn

Sr Adult "Young at Heart" Sandra Kent
Youth Min.   Chase Burdette

VBS    Beth Jackson

Chaplain    Ray Clevenger
Dir. of Cont. Ed. Tom Glander
Properties  John Earl Braden
Scholarship Team Sonja Adams
Evangelism   George Robinson